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LogiScope transforms your iPhone, iPad, iPod into a 100 MHz, 16 channel logic analyzer.
  • Max sample rate 100 MSPS
  • Two Logic Harnesses (8D + 1G)
  • UART, I2C, SPI, Parallel
  • Advanced Triggering
  • Compatible with Lightning and 30-pin connectors (lightning adapter sold separately)
16 channels of logic analysis

The LogiScope provides up to 16 channels of logic analysis and it is also capable of interpreting I2C and SPI signals. The 16 channels are divided between two connectors so you don’t have to keep all of the channels connected for a small test. In fact, if you have the iMSO-104, you can use the 4 channel connector as well to make things that much more compact.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The touchscreen makes navigating the interface a pleasure. It is interactive, responsive, and cutting edge. Changing the timescale is as easy as zooming into a picture on your apple device. Adjusting the delay is as simple as a swipe across the top of the screen.

Great level of insight and triggers

The LogiScope provided a great level of insight into the serial data flow, showing the interpreted bytes flow across the screen. The LogiScope also offers a set of triggering options including the ability to trigger on specific byte values. This really helps if you’re looking for a set of data where you are expecting a specific value or sequence.

Great Education Tool

The LogiScope provides a great electronics education tool. The interpreted signals are shown alongside the raw signal levels providing not only the ability to help debug your own work, but to also learn or teach others how a specific sequence of logic level changes are interpreted with different protocols.


  • 16 channel logic analyzer
  • Maximum record rate of 1k samples
  • 30MHz Max bandwidth
  • Two logic harnesses (each with 8 digital, 1 ground)
  • Input Impedance of ~7pF
  • Input voltage -0.5v to +7v

What's Included In The Box?

  • LogiScope Hardware
  • Two Logic Harnesses (8 Digital + 1 Ground)
  • SMD Grabbers (18 pieces)