iDIGITAL technology

iDIGITAL technology sources, supplies and supports appcessories of quality to the South African consumer, with keen focus on product which provides capacitive increase of portable computing equipment to professional instrumentation, at minimal cost.

Core to our success is our entrenched philosophy which defines that we supply quality, tested product in our chosen markets, duly support and serviced through our local infrastructure which remains easily accessible to our customers.

All service and warranty matters are managed by iDIGITAL technology locally, to ensure personal attention and urgency is received, ensuring that the required effort and perseverance is provided and maintained by professional personnel, safeguarding our customers from the vacuum of digital procrastination.

We continuously strive to improve and enhance our operational environment, to ensure that we remain easy to do business with.

Understanding Appcessories

Appcessories carved a niche market in the category of mobile technology and enjoyed increased attention from research firms in the sector from as early as 2013. With the significant enhancements made to portable computing technologies, such as the smartphone, society is sprinting towards the post-PC era.

Significant to the success of this connected medium is portability. Compact computing devices such as smartphones, sometimes smaller than the original iPod, with more power than PCs of just a few years ago, are increasingly able to connect with new types of low-cost devices. This capacity, enhanced through interconnectivity with radio enabled technology, has proven an attractive and reliable development environment, encouraging both large and small players alike to exploit the inherent power of mobile computing technologies.

As the world embraces the Internet of Things (IoT), appcessories will provide a convent, cost effective and interconnected medium, empowering the simplification of our day-to-day activities and tasks.


We at iDIGITAL technology are pleased to announce the appointment of Clint Mason to the position of CEO. Clint enjoys over 10 years' experience in cellular telematics, previously leading businesses within this market segment.

Oscium product, transforming the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod into technical a instrument (including an oscilloscope; spectrum analyzer; power meter and logic analyzer), becomes directly supported in South Africa, as iDIGITAL technology secures a distributor agreement for the territory.

Infinite Digital Technologies (Pty) Ltd. launches iDIGITAL technologies (www.idigitaltec.co.za) representing the company’s efforts in the appcessory space.

Infinite Digital Technologies (Pty) Ltd. concludes a bootstrap acquisition of products and services previously offered by the Teltra Group of Companies.